Mike Moynahan

​3X Founder & CEO 
Founder, Linked Conversions Group

The tales of wasted time and ad spend I've heard and countless inefficient systems for B2B businesses are all too common.

I myself encountered all these same problems that business owners struggle with daily. I had inefficient systems, wasted 
THOUSANDS of dollars in advertising and just didn't know how to get my business to start pumping revenue. I learned how to scale out of necessity and it took a lot of research and testing to learn the proper strategies. Now I help others duplicate my processes and share my knowledge on how I do this over and over for myself and others.

If you got here by chance, I guarantee I can help you grow! Let's discover where your company is and just how far I can help you take it. Schedule a FREE strategy call right now and get one step closer to automating more of your growth!


"Awesome results.  If you're looking for a LinkedIn agency this is it."
Dan Russell, CEO Vivid Labs

"There hasn't been ANYTHING I've done in the past three years that has had a bigger impact on my business"
Staci Tubbs, Founder, Staci Tubbs Leadership

"It's not uncommon for my posts to get hundreds likes and comments which leads to more sales appointments organically."
Marti Konstant, Founder, Konstant Change

All it takes is ONE CALL to determine if your strategies are maximizing your revenue potential.

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